MDS Works to Serve Your Needs

› Cloud Solution

Metroplex Data Systems now offers you the same business systems, but without the purchase of additional hardware. All of the excellent systems we provide can now be offered via the internet. We can store all your data while providing you with all the latest software updates free of charge. We are your host company, making it the affordable solution. No servers, IT resources or backup procedures for you to maintain. We do it all for you. You get all of the benefits with none of the bother. No matter what size your company, we can accommodate you at any level, and easily transition you to the Cloud.

› 24/7 Access

You can access your data at any remote PC that is connected to the Internet. This allows you freedom and flexibility to work from home or the office at any time of the day. There is no additional charges for access to your data, length of time in use or data volume.

› Secure Data Management

Your data and who is accessing it is saved on records with every transaction. Not only are we keeping track of your data, but we store daily backups too. You can feel safe that your data is secure and backed up without worry.

› Confidentiality

Your status as our customer will not ever be revealed publicly, unless agreed upon. Your employees and your customers will not be able to tell that they are accessing our servers. It will look and feel just like your own systems.

› Technical Support

We provide you with phone support at 214-221-8100 Monday - Friday from 8:30am - 5:00pm CST.

› How it Works

With a one-time conversion fee, and a flat monthly subscription, we will convert your data and get you started.