T3 Palm HandleHeld

The Receivables System is designed to provide the maximum amount of information regarding your receivables. Important features, such as Name/Address/Telephone/Zip searches, invoice/payment history, collection letters and credit card processing are available. Statements , invoices and collection letters may be faxed or emailed , saving you time and money. Sales tax reporting is kept down to the product category level and may be viewed/printed for any time period.

› Account Search

is a powerful function in the MDS system. It allows you to search through your customer database quickly until you find the customer you are searching for, then retrieve the customer information. Searches include: account name and address lines, telephone number, and zip codes.

› Invoice Search

is a time saving feature that assists you when a customer sends a payment without the account name on the check.

› Batch Payment

has two widely requested features that will greatly enhance your payment entry operation. In a typical session, a control amount will be entered to start the session. When the payments are entered, should the control amount and the batch total disagree, the system enters the edit mode to correct the mistakes. Then both numbers agree, you are asked to post the session. Another important feature that will improve your A/R operations is the ability to enter payments on unposted invoices.

› Quoted Prices

are uniquely handled by the MDS system to assure that customer price integrity is maintained. Five separate price lists, unit/case pricing, percentage discounts, bracket pricing, and individual quoted pricing (independent of all other customers on all product items) capabilities are built into the system. In addition, you can assure gross profit protection on each sale by defining expected gross profit the first time a specific product is sold. This G/P protection provides a comfort zone in terms of never selling a product for less than expected.