Sales / Support


The MDS System is modular, so you only buy what you need. Later, other modules can be added without integration problems.

Hands-On Demonstrations are given on-line at your convenience. Contact us to schedule a demo.

Flexible Financing for Software and On-Site Training expenses can be provided by MDS.

Technical Support

Complete Support can be provided by MDS , including hardware, system administration, and 3rd party software. We specialize in SCO Unix and Windows-Unix Networking.

Application Support

If a problem isn't solved with a phone call, we will logon to your System (Dial-Up Modem/Internet) to fix the problem directly. After-hours and weekend support can be arranged.

Custom Work is welcomed.

We'll try to incorporate your ideas into our production software, helping to assure compatibility with future system enhancements at no further cost to you.

Software Updates/Fixes are distributed regularly and are included with support. This ensures your software stays current with the newest business and technical advances.

Supported Software

  • › SCO Openserver 5.0.x
  • › Windows 98 , 2000 , XP
  • › Apache Web Server
  • › Samba Connectivity
  • › HTML/Javascript/VBscript
  • › VSI-FAX / Esker Software
  • › TinyTerm/Century Software