Our routing system is a fully integrated truck and driver scheduling system. Routes may be based on either return dates (a specified date the customer is called on next), or an actual route structure for numbered routes. Either fixed or flexed routing options are available.

Customer calendars indicating when they will be serviced next for monthly or yearly service scheduling are provided. When telephone marketing is used for pre-sell to your customers, Telsel(invoicing) will automatically call up the customer based on the route and expected delivery date.


› Route Volume/Sales Reports

Keeps you better informed on the volume of sales generated by route/sales personnel. The report can be run for a specific route or range of routes. It collates the number of units sold, number of units returned, number of stops on the route, number of undeliverable stops, number of new accounts generated, and number of lost accounts. Perfect for route evaluation.

› Print Load Sheet

Gives you the ability to print load sheets long before you print out delivery tickets. Load sheets can be generated a week in advance, if needed, which reduces the need for loading trucks late at night.

› Aged Route List

Is used mainly by companies who rely on delivery tickets to assist with collecting receivables and updating the customer master file. In addition to all the options in the Accounts Receivable Summary Report, it prints in Route order when a route range is chosen. Similar to the aged transaction report, but designed more for route personnel information, the report contains equipment at customer locations, the number and detail of open invoices, and the last six delivery amounts in a group of product categories.