MDS Offers A New Service: Off-Site Automated Backup

Metroplex Data Systems is proud to announce that they have recently finished improvements to their MDS Off-Site Automated Backup Service. These technical and programming changes have increased the speed and efficiency of their automated, off-site backup service.

The MDS Off-Site Automated Backup Service is an automated, low-cost solution to protect customers’ valuable company data. This system backs up customers’ business files automatically, to be used in case of a catastrophic failure or event. It lets MDS customers run their companies, with very little downtime, in the event of a computer system failure, weather related event or other emergency. Metroplex clients simply redirect their PCs to the IP address of the MDS backup server and log in. Running over a broadband connection, clients may not even notice they are not on their own internal host system.

Each evening, Metroplex’s backup system contacts subscribed clients’ computers and copies all the critical data over a high speed, encrypted connection. The compressed data is then transferred to Metroplex’s backup server. If and when the need arises, the data is uncompressed and a login to the client data is provided. Custom programs are made available and printing can be done on-site to clients’ local printers if desired. It can be business as usual, while clients address whatever event caused the emergency situation. Metroplex clients can rest easy knowing their business files are backed up safely offsite. No tapes, no wires, no hardware to install or maintain.

This service is offered as a low cost subscription of only a few dollars per day (billed monthly).

To learn more, contact Metroplex Data Systems at 214-221-8100.