New Accounts

The Accounts Prospector is a powerful account and prospect tracking system. Designed for the system operator who is receiving incoming inquiries for new account information.

The system guides the natural flow of conversation, prompting the operator to close a sale. The source of the call and quotation on products are recorded and filed in history. Reasons for a sale not being completed will also be recorded. After completing the presentation, the system automatically requests a credit application for either the business or individual.

The system can then interface with a major credit service via modem and perform automatic credit check on the applicant. Each application is recorded in a print file for review, approval, or rejection. If rejected, the prospect's information and reason for rejection is recorded for the follow-up rejection letter - required by law.

If the prospect is approved, the system will automatically set up the account in the master file, assign the account number, and initialize sales information for invoice generation and new account report information.