Memo System

Communications are involved in all aspects of business. It is the "nerve center" for all service businesses. The MDS memo programs provide important communication channels between customers, route personnel, employees, and branch operations.

› A/R Comments Memo

To, or about, your customers can be attached to the customer file. When contact is made by someone in the company the comments will appear. This is terrific for accounts receivable collection. When a date is entered along with the comment, a record is made of the transaction and may be retrieved from a report indicating the comment, who entered it, and the date. If the comment is regarding accounts receivable, it will record when payment was promised or expected.

› Service Memo

Is designed for short, quick memos, sent immediately to a designated printer in the dispatcher or route room for rapid response. A permanent record is made of the time, type, message text, and person taking the message. Messages can be reprinted by date, batch, operator, type, or criteria. The messages are added to the customer's file and can be tracked by account. The service memo system is used for out-of-product calls, service calls, complaints, etc.

› Activity Report

Is just one of many dynamic reports that clearly demonstrates the abundance of quality information available from the MDS Business Control System.

  • The first section of the report lists all the important master file information regarding a customer.
  • The second part lists the equipment on location and rental information if the equipment is rented.
  • The third part of this report lists all the products purchased, the price the customer is paying, how product is sold - in case or unit, quanitity, and the gross profit on each product.
  • The fourth section is the aged Accounts Receivable.
  • The fifth part reports summary information: Month end, specific periods, or yearly data consisting of the accumulation of data - by Dates, Product Sales, Profit, Gross Profit Percentage, Equipment Investment in the customer, R.O.I. (Return on Investment), Rent Income, and Sales Tax information.
  • The sixth part of the report consists of internal memo's and comments generated for the account. Each section of the report may be turned on or off , so you get just the information you want.