MDS Database

The MDS Database system is designed to provide you with data at the touch of a button. Your company's data is converted into SQL database files. These files are then downloaded into a web based directory, that can be accessed by you or your staff with a password protected login. Once logged in you will find the files are broken down by groups. Customers, inventory, quotes, assets, invoice history etc. Each file can then be sorted or filtered by the elements that are contained within the file. The file can then be down loaded into windows programs like Word or Excel to continue analysis or reporting functions. Imagine, your data available on your desktop PC, to be imported and used by your favorite Windows programs. Truly the best of both worlds, the reliability of Unix, with the flexibility of windows.

This is just the beginning. The development of the MDS System on Windows will continue to be enhanced, with more information, more files, better reporting.

Get in on the cutting edge of this new information explosion. Cost of this service is based on the size of the files maintained on the web for your company and the amount of support required to maintain these files. If you have additional questions or need more information on this new and exciting service please contact Dave at MDS.