› Telsel - An Overview

Telsel was designed primarily as an order entry system. However, what has evolved is a complete information and management system. Telsel allows on-screen order entry, customer product purchase analysis, as well as on-line updating of the customer master and product files. All account information may be accessed; equipment you have at a customer's location, including special comments/memos, accounts receivable aging, and invoice history. In addition, full invoice editing, invoice printing,and detail summary load sheet reporting, auto account invoicing call-up, are all accessible by single key strokes.

› Hold Invoice

Is a powerful program that literally assures you of A/R protection. If a customer has not honored their credit terms, the program allows you to make a decision to request payment, discuss the receivable, hold the order, or release the order with a clear understanding of the customer's account status.

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› AMEX Purchase Express

MDS offers intergrated sotware with PurchaseExpress - a Windows-based software application that enables your business to authorize and settle credit card transactions right from your own computer.

All major credit and charge cards are supported: American Express, MasterCard(r), Visa(r), Discover(r), Diners Club, JCB.

Data from your MDS Software is imported directly into Purchase Express and approved transactions are exported back into MDS Software, you will not have to key any data into the Purchase Express Software, saving you time on each end.

Transactions are generated from MDS by using Un-Posted Invoices or Posted Invoices.
Using Un-Posted Invoices allows you to check credit validity before delivery of product, after invoices are posted, they can be sent for payment processing, using the final invoice dollar amount.
Posted Invoices can be billed on any time-table you set (daily, weekly,monthly,.etc.).
Approved transactions can be inserted directly into a MDS payment batch, eliminating payment entry for credit card transactions.

Amex Purchase Express Features

  • › Eliminates additional processor transaction fees for American Express charges.
  • › Processes recurring billing charges automatically.
  • › Helps reduce fraud with Automatic Address Verification through batch settlement.
  • › Settlements are paid within as few as three business days of submission.
  • › Generates customized reports on authorizations, settlements, order status, and sales status.
  • › Customer and product databases record information for repeat customers, products, and services.
  • › Searchable archives allow you to quickly locate transactions for a specific dispute.
  • › Electronic software distribution transmits software upgrades directly from American Express.