› Inventory Management

Includes the consignment module and the manufacturing module. Up to twenty categories and an unlimited number of products can be defined.

› Inventory Pricing Options

Include List Price Defaults (at 5 Different Levels), by Case or Unit (using same product number),Volume Discounts, Category Percentage Discounts, and Specific Quoted Price.

› Faster Reordering Time

Product reordering time is greatly reduced with the MDS Inventory System producing reports showing what product(s) are needed to order and the quantities needed for your stock level, either based on your defined checkpoints or average selling history and stock on hand.

› Faster Inventory Time

Use of bin numbers is emphasized to allow products to be pulled from your warehouse in a logical order, which greatly reduces the time required to physically take inventory and load your trucks.

› Extensive History Reporting

Allows you to select by Vendor, Date, Category, Cost, and Product. This allows easier tracking of multi-vendor product costs and products received using historical data already in the system.