Asset Management

› Equipment & Asset Tracking

The Asset Management tracking system allows you to track your company's assets or equipment, from initial purchase and to each location it moves. Because the value of your equipment and the need to provide equipment to service your customers, it is vital that you know where the equipment is and how many are available.

  • Equipment Loan and Rental Contracts for your customers are available and can be automatically printed at the time of recording the equipment location/status change.
  • Equipment is tracked at the taxation area as well, enabling the system to produce property tax reports that may be necessary for your local governments.

› Maintenance Costs & Depreciation

In addition to equipment location tracking, you can track maintenance costs and calculate depreciation.

  • Your other assets (vehicles, office equipment, etc.) may also be input to the system to use the maintenance costs and depreciation features.
  • The MDS General Ledger is automatically updated with Depreciation Expenses, eliminating additional journal entries.