Accounts Receivable

› Daily Balancing

Is an essential aspect of day-to-day operations. To make balancing easier, we have included a daily summary of the A/R on one report. This report allows you to input the beginning A/R balance, select a date range (usually the first of the month), and select a monthly balancing summary. The report will give you a daily summary of all sales, taxes, A/R adjustments made through enter invoice and credit memos, deposits, and payments. In essence, you will get a clear, concise summary of daily operations thereby assuring that your computer system is in balance daily. Incorrect data entry, or any corrupted data entered into the system, will be detected immediately.

› Type of Customer

You may want to retrieve information on a certain type of customer. For example, wholesale customer, institutional customer, retail customer, bottled water customer, coffee + water + rental customer, etc. There is virtually no limit on the types of customer you may want to track. Additionally, you can automatically communicate specific messages to different types of customers at time of invoicing. A terrific feature for automatically building sales.

› Customer Ranking

Customers are ranked according to the gross profit level you set. This enables you and your employees to know the quality of your customer without being familiar with the account. It will also allow you to track gross profit level changes made by the account, which will help identify accounts whose purchasing habits are changing.You have up to 26 different rank levels using gross profit as a common denominator. You define each rank with a gross profit dollar amount along with a description. The description will appear on your screen each time the customer is brought up in your customer service screens. This is important because approximately twenty percent of our customers represent nearly eighty percent of our sales. Now, for the first time ever, you can properly identify your customers according to rank. VIP customers are immediately identified, as well as low gross profit accounts. The second part of the A/R Ranking program is the report that allows you to see which customers are increasing/decreasing in rank each month, therefore easily identifying customers that are increasing sale and, equally important, decreasing in sales.

› View Customers

With the ability to view customers in receivables allows you to see all the current information regarding your customer including current debits, credits, aging, and sales information.

  • When you ask to view profits for a customer by striking the "P" key, you will see the following: Closing Dates for each line of information containing Product Sales, Product Cost, Product Profit, Gross Profit %, Sales Tax, Interest charges, A/R Sales, and Gross Sales. The information is presented similar to a spread sheet, easily read on the monitor's screen. Information is maintained by closing dates. Therefore, if twelve customer closing dates are in the system, a complete profit history is presented.
  • Striking the "I" key will show all the invoices that have been charged to the account and when they were paid. You may print any invoice with details, even though you have closed your books. The only restriction: You must maintain your history files.
  • Information regarding all aspects of your business is absolutely essential in today's tough business environment and Business Control is now considered a corporate asset.
  • › Receivable Summary Report

    After reviewing your gross profit report, and find it's time to collect money, nothing beats the MDS system for this important part of your business. The sorting options are easy to define and expanded so that whoever runs the report can retrieve the information in a format they would like to see. You can automatically produce a personally written collection letter for a selected aging range, that will include all overdue balanceds, for the date range you select, inserted right into the body of the letter. Thank you letters, etc., are automatically written with a single menu selection. No need to learn word processing here - MDS will load your letter for you. And documenting a collection call just became easier with A/R comments. You may write a comment or memo regarding the customer, and attach it to the customer's A/R summary with the option of printing the comment with your Accounts Receivable Summary Report. It's a fact: With these terrific collection features, you will improve your A/R significantly! In addition, the Customer aging reports appear throughout the system on screen applications, where they are applicable, and aging is available on your delivery tickets or invoices if you desire.

    › Gross Profit Report

    Provides the following sorting options: Alpha, Route, Account Type, and Install Date. This is a must report for managers and owners because it does exactly what The MDS Business Control System is designed to do ... provide quality controls and extensive detailed information regarding your customers, routes, and your business.